R2-KT’s man servant Al gives us the lowdown on the two new holiday patches for 2019:-

Nothing like a late start and an early start at the same time. Announcing this year’s R2-KT Holiday season patches!

Local awesome artist and Mando cosplayer Sasha Galvan designed a gorgeous Thanksgiving patch (3rd in the series) featuring none other than Fett and his family and a turkey fresh from the carbonite. Why would bounty hunters spend Thanksgiving together? Because this is the way. 
2 ¾”x4 ¼” digitally printed & 100% embroidered with the lettering embroidered

Darrin Brege, successful illustrator and Legion supporter, didn’t even wait to send me his Baby Yoda weeks ago (call him/her/it whatever you like, he’s adorable). KT will just have to make sure he doesn’t eat the mistletoe…
4″ round fully embroidered

Order Information:
* All patches are $7 apiece (or $5 apiece for orders of five or more in any combination).
* Shipping is $1 for every five patches (or $2 outside the U.S.)
* Order yours by sending payment via PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com
* Pre-orders opened yesterday for KT Mailing List Subscribers (email us at r2kt@r2kt.com if you want to get notifications on items as they become available) and last while supplies last.
* We will try our DARNDEST to get these out to you by Christmas. If we fail to deliver on schedule, please: no disintegrations! 

Proceeds from both patches will be donated to the Toys-for-Tots charity, which helps provide toys to children who might otherwise not have a Christmas.

We hope you enjoy these designs as much as everyone who helped work on them. And we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. This is the time of year for hope – and hope is what we try to deliver every year thanks to your help.

Order your now — happy hunting!

James is an active member of the Star Wars collecting community, and is the Brand Director for Jedi News. James is also the host of the Star Wars Collectors Cast, and co-host of RADIO 1138 on the Jedi News Network.