Let me start out by saying I thoroughly enjoy each entry in the ongoing series of official ‘Star Wars’ Blog posts. All of the contributors do a great job with their respective content and each post makes for a very enjoyable read.

If you are a fellow ‘Star Wars’ fan who was lucky enough to have grown up during the vintage Kenner line days, this latest blog post by Brad Ricca takes things one step further and will send you gleefully on your way down Memory Lane.

From its humble 1888 beginnings as a pamphlet selling watches, the Sears catalog (and the later, massive Wish Book) became a staple of American home shopping. At various points in its run it sold tractors, cigar store Indians, flowers, wallpaper, menswear, firearms, pre-constructed homes, lingerie, tools, and clothes. Toys were also a constant in the catalog since the early twentieth century.

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