Enjoy the latest official blog post provided by Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks.

There’s a great tradition in Star Wars of artist interpretation. It goes as far back as the original movie posters for A New Hope, runs through Topps’ Galaxy trading card series, and continues in new forms like Internet fan art. Mark Englert, a comic book, animation, toy, and product development artist, made his stamp on Star Wars with two dynamic works. Titled “I’m Here to Rescue You: Tatooine” and “I’m Here to Rescue You: Endor,” they depict two seminal moments in the journey of Luke Skywalker: his yearning view of Tatooine’s setting suns in A New Hope, and his solemn burning of Darth Vader’s armor in Return of the Jedi. On May 25, new variants of the stunning pieces will be released in a special 77-hour timed release.

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