Over on StarWars.com, Tim Veekhoven provides readers with a brief history lesson on the assortment of Star Wars figures that was released by Hasbro under the Power of The Force name during the mid-90’s. While some fans/collectors may not be enamored with the “He-Man” sculpting style of these figures, there’s no denying the significance this line represented – that Star Wars was back in the limelight.

Twenty years ago, Kenner (purchased by Hasbro in 1991) released their first wave of “modern” Star Wars action figures in 1995. Most fans remember these figures for their exaggerated musculature and wrestler-like stance. There were nine characters in all from A New Hope — including the infamous Princess Leia figure — packaged in reddish cards with Vader’s helmet as the signature sign of the line. A rather small photo (compared to the vintage cards) was shown on the front of the card, while the back offered a biography of the character and a lineup of the other figures and vehicles.

Do you remember what was included in the next wave of Hasbro’s modern figures? Let’s find out!