Our pal Paul Harrison over at Jedi Temple Archives is on the ground at New York Comic Con and he brings us his first report of the weekend with some freesh Hasbro info.

Our Q&A will be coming to you as soon as humanly possible. We have over 25 questions answered and we have to say that for the first time in a long while we were pleased with the answers, even if they weren’t answers we wanted to hear. Straightforward, upfront and humorous at times all describe our interaction with my new best friend and Hasbro rep Joe N. Until we get that Q&A posted, I wanted to share some important details about what was revealed with some details that you likely won’t read anywhere else (or at least we hope this is true). The Hasbro Preview Party was honestly a breath of fresh air. Even I went in hanging my head that it would just be a refresh of SDCC reveals. To my unexpected surprise they were all-new reveals (save for a key bunch of main characters. Some of these points will be regurgitated in our Q&A, but time is of the essence and we want you to see it here