Here’s the bullet points live from the Hasbro Presentation – for the first time ever on Jedi News LIVE!!!

First off they thank the fans for support in 2010. As we revealed in the recent ForceCast Collectors Edition Spotlight with Derryl DePriest – Derryl is sitting in the audience and not actually presenting although he is thanked and likened to the Yoda (father figure) of the Star Wars line.

  • Vintage line continues in 2011… and 2012!!!
  • Clone Wars – new Ahsoka, Eeth Koth, Bariss Offee, Ahsoka, El-Les, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Wolffe and Aqua Battle Droid. Deluxe figures include Fett with Speeder, Grevious with Wheel Bike, Clone Scout Speeder and Separatist Speeder.
  • Remote Control Republic Fighter Tank coming in August. Republic Fighter Shuttle big vehicle for 2011 with great playset features!
  • Vintage – 35 figures for 2011! Deleted scenes as figures coming in August not shown though.  Wave 5 and 6 shown plus Wave 7 includes Bespin Han Solo, Barriss (vinyl cloak), Fleet Trooper, Bom Vimdin, Captain Fordo (both versions), 501st Clone Trooper, Aayla Secura, Logray, Dr. Evazan, Kithaba, Nom Anor!  Wave 8 includes Bastila Shan, Echo Base Trooper, Ponda Baba (removable arm and 2 sets of hands included).