New RockLove Star Wars Jewelry Line Announced has announced a new line of Star Wars themed jewelry from crafter & designer RockLove. The full collection will be available for fans to purchase next week beginning July 18 at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and on the company’s website. Check out the intro to the announcement copied below and then take the supplied source link for more including photos of the various Star Wars pieces.

The tiny, silver AT-AT, fully articulated and ready to crash onto your dresser or the snowy mountains of Hoth, is more than just a necklace. The new piece from RockLove, part of a unique jewelry line celebrating beloved Star Wars characters, objects, and places, is RockLove CEO and Designer Allison Cimino’s personal homage to the corners of the galaxy that made her fall in love with Star Wars as a child and have kept her intrigued as an adult.

Utilizing old-world jewelry crafting techniques like lost wax casting, champlevé enamel, and fabrication, the charming designs spring to life through three-dimensional molding and articulated movement. Cimino sees her work as “dynamic life-like mini sculptures” more than static and stiff accessories. “They transcend being a mere inanimate object. The pieces become an interactive talisman of storytelling, representing this vast world that we love,” she says. “In creating these pieces, I wanted to let their individual personalities shine through movement.”

As a child Cimino identified with the lovable rogue Han Solo. “He was this cool, laid-back space scallywag who I wanted to emulate.” But the new collaboration is more about unsung heroes than legends of the Rebellion. Alongside the AT-AT, an articulated GNK droid can be made to shuffle across a desk. A ring evokes Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan Ahsoka Tano. And a series of medallions act as cultural currency to render unforgettable characters and scenes in sharp relief.

Today, is excited to exclusively reveal the full collection, available for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and online beginning July 18, 2019, with special sketches and insights from Cimino on her creative process.
Dianna Bates
Residing in New York, Dianna Bates shares the same deep love for the GFFA as her husband Justin LaSalata. In addition to posting news articles on our website, Dianna assists with providing photographs from various conventions and Star Wars-related events including NY Comic Con, "Force Friday" and others.