New ‘Build Your Own X-Wing’ From DeAgostini Landing In August 2018

Star Wars fans rejoice! For a new Star Wars X-Wing model is due to hit the shelves this August, allowing you the chance to build your very own detailed rendition of the famous X-Wing Starfighter ship flown by Luke Skywalker. 

Following on from other builds including the award winning ‘Build the Millennium Falcon’ and ‘Build your own R2-D2’ the X-Wing is created and sold online exclusively by ModelSpace, and officially licensed by Disney, this model is for all the collectors and die-hard fans out there. Available to pre-order online already, you can take the first step into having your very own X-Wing creation. 

What’s the Star Wars X-Wing Model’s Specifications? 

We have some snippets of information from the pre-order page but nothing of depth until the product actually releases. 

From what we do know, the model is going to be approximately 20 inches long and just over 7 inches high – important metrics to remember when you think about where you’re going to keep your finished model! For any of you who understand model scales, the X-Wing is going to be 1:18 with a wingspan of 25.6 inches.

The model, first and foremost, tries to emulate the details from the original movies, just like most of the Star Wars range from ModelSpace has in the past. So, if you’re someone who wants authenticity, this is definitely one for your collection as it will feature a high level of detail with incredible features including a miniature R2-D2.

Is it Difficult to Build? 

Model building is one type of hobby that can turn people off simply because it appears more difficult than it actually is. The reality is that a lot of the steps are extremely straightforward – and steps that aren’t straightforward are usually covered really well in the instructions. 

While I can’t personally say how difficult the X-Wing Model is going to be to construct, I can say from my model building experience, especially as a 44-year-old hobbyist who isn’t getting any more mentally acute, that model building is more fun than frustrating. 

But maybe you haven’t built a genuine model before? Then why not use the X-Wing as your way to jump into the hobby? This is especially a good idea if you’re a big fan of the Star Wars franchise. If you want some generic instructions before even considering buying a model kit, WikiHow has you covered with some basics. 

Should I Pre-Order? 

If you’re a model hobbyist or a long-time fan of the Star Wars series, you may want to pre-order if you want to get into the action before everyone else. Otherwise, it can sometimes be a better approach to wait for more information before committing to the model building process. Either way, I’m personally pretty confident that this is going to be one of the best models of the X-Wing Starfighter yet. 

Final thoughts; this Star Wars X-Wing model due to come out in August 2018 in the ModelSpace catalogue is worth looking out for due to its faithfulness to the original movies and its overall quality based on previous models. 

Why not sign up for a subscription to take advantage of the free gifts on offer! Here are links to the pages in the US and UK.