Mark Boudreaux Talks TVC Imperial Troop Transport & More With The Hollywood Reporter

Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter for a brief interview segment they recently conducted with Hasbro Star Wars product designer Mark Boudreaux in which he speaks about designing the new Imperial Troop Transport for The Vintage Collection line and teases what else could be coming in TVC down the road.

The Imperial Troop Transport, seen for the first time onscreen in ‘The Mandalorian,’ was inspired by a toy vehicle released in 1979 but that was never featured in the films.

For one brief moment in The Mandalorian, a generation of Star Wars fans got to see something they’d likely thought about for years, but never expected to actually happen. the Imperial Troop Transport — a vehicle released as part of the toy line in 1979 to support the original movie — was actually on the screen for the first time ever.

Later this year, Hasbro will release the latest addition to its Star Wars: The Vintage Collection line: a version of the Imperial Troop Transport, as it appeared in The Mandalorian, as inspired by the original Hasbro vehicle.

Debuting this spring with a retail price of $69.99, the Imperial Troop Transport is already available for preorder from retailers.

In celebration of the announcement, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Mark Boudreaux, senior principal product designer for Hasbro’s Star Wars product line.