LEGO Star Wars Trading Cards: LE10 To LE19 Now Available In The UK

We hope that your collection is coming along nicely?

This week saw the release of the second phase of Limited Edition (LE) cards in the UK. There are 3 collectable character tins containing 5 booster packs of cards a 3 LE cards and 1 LE card in MEGA Magazine Issue 74 now available. Each tin retails at £6.99 and MEGA Magazine is available for £4.99.

Here is a guide for what to look out for;

LE10 Captain Rex
LE11 Darth Vader – ROTJ
LE12 Darth Maul – TPM
LE13 Captain Phasma
LE14 General Grievous
LE15 Kylo Ren
LE16 Death Trooper
LE17 Boba Fett
LE18 The Emperor
LE19 Anakin Skywalker vs Count Dooku

Here’s a closer look at the tins.

The next LE card to come is LE20, featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. We understood that this was due out in issue 40 of LEGO Star Wars Magazine from Egmont, but this didn’t happen. We are scouring all our comm channels to try and find any Bothan spies that may have more up to date information on this, so when we know, we will update you all!

Happy hunting!