Last Few Days of Rancho Obi-Wan Death Star Auction at Prop Store

The Rancho Obi-Wan Death Star Auction at Prop Store ends on Friday, so you have just a few days left to bid on a unique representation of the Death Star created by one of 30 artists.

Here’s a great video from our friends at Rebel Force Radio talking to Steve Sansweet and looking at the amazing items up for auction.

Star Wars author, expert, and super-collector Steve Sansweet takes us on a tour of amazing Death Star folk art created by talented artists to support Rancho Obi Wan, the home to the Guinness World’s Record Largest Star Wars collection. Bidding is NOW OPEN for each piece and proceeds go to support the museum.

Here’s a list of the artists involved: –

Mike Bianco
Matt Busch
Ben Cheese
Cryssy Cheung
Jason W. Christman
Kaela Croft
Brian DeGuire with Michael Sheridan
Eric Ehrlich
Jon Farmer
Gerard Garcia Jr.
Mick, Matt and Kathy Glebe
Scott Harben
Joe Hogan and Tina Quira
Brian Miller
Cameron Miller
Michael O’Shields/Geek Burning
Kris Penix
Tori Robinson
Justin Russo, Tom O’Brien, Aaron Saule and Naotaka Aogak
Tsuneo Sanda
• Dwayne Smith
Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot
Kathy van Beuningen
Adrianna Vanderstelt
Jerry Vanderstelt
Christian Waggoner
Russell Walks with Rylee Schlah
Steve Willaredt
• A. Young

Additional Death Star works by Kurt Gaulke, Lawrence Noble, Dan Norgan and Gordon Tarpley are not available for auction, but will be featured on special display at Rancho Obi-Wan.

Take the link here to see more and place your bid!