Kurt Adler The Child Nutcracker & Holiday Stockings, Sith Trooper Nutcracker

Kurt Adler has updated their website with new holiday product listings featuring two of the most talked-about Star Wars characters today – The Child from The Mandalorian Disney+ series and the red-clad Sith Troopers from The Rise of Skywalker. We’ve highlighted their new 9.5″ The Child nutcracker and 10″ Sith Trooper nutcracker below. Kurt Adler also has two new holiday stockings for The Child (both stockings are 19″ in overall length) which can be seen here and here.

Click each image below for a closer look at the two nutcrackers and keep an eye out for these Star Wars items at your local retail stores once the holiday season draws near.

Celebrate the holidays with this 9.5-inch Star Wars™ “The Child” nutcracker from Kurt Adler. “The Child” AKA Baby Yoda is standing on a red base decorated with white snowflakes and a gold colored name plate.

This Star Wars™ Red Sith Trooper nutcracker from Kurt Adler is a great addition to your nutcracker collection. It features a Red Sith or Sith Purebloods and is a species of red-skinned Humanoids with a higher than average concentration of Sith blood.

SOURCEKurt Adler
Dianna Bates
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