Jedi News Book Review – LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

In 2009, DK released the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, which was packed to the gills with all of the LEGO Star Wars sets released during the ten years that followed from when the licence began in 1999.  Now, two years later, DK have followed that up with the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia which features more than 300 minifigures, and not wanting to be outdone by the recent Padawan Menace, also comes with an exclusive Han Solo minifigure, albeit a more mature older version.

As the introduction states, minifigures bring the LEGO Star Wars galaxy to life and have many elements that make them fascinating and highly collectible.

Divided into eight sections, namely all six episodes, plus a section each for both the Clone Wars and the Expanded Universe, the characters are then ordered based on their appearance in the corresponding category.  Capiche?  No? Then let me refer directly to the book:

The minifigures are ordered according to the Star Wars property in which they first appeared or mostly featured.  Tabs at the top of each page indicate every Star Wars property n which the minifigures, though it is noted that if a character has both a Clone Wars and a classic minifigure, the Clone Wars tab is highlighted only on the Clone Wars version’s page.  As most Star Wars characters appear in the Expanded Universe, that tab is highlighted only if a minifigure appears in an EU set.  The book distinguishes between “versions” of minifigures and “variants”. Versions are separate minifigures in their own right – so each version has its own page, whereas Variants are the same version of a minifigure but with modifications.

On each page, a minifigure’s most recent set number and name, the year that set was released, the number of LEGO pieces from which the minifigure is made, any equipment or weapons it carries, and its number of variants, are displayed in a data file, whilst any significant variations are shown in a “star variant” picture box.

The book is rounded out with an alphabetical index of minifigures, that lists all of the LEGO Star Wars sets in which each figure has ever appeared, as well as its corresponding page number.

As you can see from the exclusive spreads above and below, along with the aforementioned data file (and where applicable, a star variant), each minifigure is also accommpanied by a character description, and certain aspects of their component parts e.g. lightsaber, hair, robes, etc. and on occasion, additional factoids and/or a picture of the set with which the minifigure was released.

Aside from being a great resource for keeping track of the 300+ minifigures that have been released, the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia also contains a whole bunch of fun facts and details that will be sure to keep kids both big and small entertained.

The LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is available now, direct from DK Canada, priced $20.99.

Adam Lamping
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