Our friends over at Jedi Temple Archives (JTA) are pushing you to back Jabba’s Sail Barge if not hourly, then certainly daily — as are our friends at Rebelscum, Yakface and other collecting sites.

JTA rightly see this as the one chance to get this beauty made. Getting 5,000 backers isn’t proving easy though. The Barge was announced three weeks ago at the International Toy Fair in New York, and just yesterday with 23 days to go, it finally crossed the half-way point and currently stands at 2,524 backers — that was after the initial flurry of backers that saw the Barge being backed by 1,500 people in just 4 days. By our calculations, since 3PO wasn’t available, that’s over 100 backers a day through to the end, and we just don’t see that happening.

Our fellow countryman Steve Evans from Hasbro answered a question on the JTA forums yesterday highlighting again that the Barge will only get made with 5,000 backers — he said “Need 5000. No less.”

The Barge can only be ordered ‘officially’ if you live in the US or Canada, and whilst one or two shipping companies have come forward to help those outside of those regions the costs are a complete unknown at this stage. Hasbro shipping a container or three of The Khetanna to other shores would be much easier solution for everyone, with far less unknowns.

We’ve heard the Q&A from Toy Fair where Hasbro said that after the campaign, and only if it receives 5,000 backers, they will ensure the other countries will get a chance to buy the Barge in some form — but without those other territories being involved NOW, the Barge will never reach 5,000 backers. Today on behalf of those regions outside of the US and Canada we’re pleading with Hasbro and HASLAB to find a way to allow the rest of us to Back the Barge. Considering the amount of time and effort already put in by the team at Hasbro, what a waste that would be for all concerned if the magic number wasn’t reached.

We understand some of the legal constraints involved in running such a project from country to country but there must be a way. Get each each Hasbro region to create their own ordering service and let the order count towards the final tally at HASLAB. Each regional office allows the consumer to buy the Barge, and they then effectively buy it from HASLAB — we appreciate there will be an additional cost, but after years of collecting we’re somewhat used to having to pay a ‘little’ more. There has to be a way. As Star Wars fans we’re used to placing pre-orders from other licensees (including Gentle Giant and Sideshow) where a product may not ship for up to 9-12 months, so we’re sure the same rules can be made to apply here?

With the likes of Toys ‘R’ Us and other retailers going out of business the toy industry desperately needs another way of reaching their consumers, and we believe that HASLAB is one of those ways BUT it needs to work on a global stage. Let us order the Barge from the regional Hasbro offices in London, Germany and other territories, but allow that number to count towards the final total. With just over three weeks left “this is our most desperate hour” and the only ones that can fix this is Hasbro themselves.

Let’s make the Barge a reality — we WANT to order and we’re pleading with you to make it so! To Steve Evans, Joe Ninivaggi, Patrick Schneider and the team at Hasbro “you’re our only hope!”….