I Remember When Toys Were Only £1.99!

How many times have you heard collectors say that they wish they had a time machine to go back to 1977 and purchase as much Star Wars stock as they could?  Even non-collectors express this from time to time, especially when a national tabloid this week informs us that our loose vintage figures are now with several thousands of pounds each – I’m selling if anyone wants to make an offer ;-).  Many point to sales bins, discount stores and clearance stock as missed opportunities and that we’ll never see vintage figures sell for a few pounds again.

Well, as Andy Egan on Facebook proves, never is a very long word.cash_aegan_1

No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a fully sealed trilogo Prune Face with a hideous Cash Converters price sticker for £1.99 – current market value is around £40.  For those who aren’t aware, Cash Converters are a national chain of stores that are similar to pawn shops for electronics, DVDs and other similar products.  It is probable that a bulk collection of childhood items was brought into the store and that some items were miscategorised.

Some? Were there more?  Indeed there were and Andy had an incredibly lucky find in that he also discovered other Star Wars items in the clearout basket


Yes, this Return of the Jedi Klaatu has seen better days but the bubble is firmly is attached.  A loose Klaatu is worth at least £10.



Even though this Sy Snootles is a custom carded figure the loose parts are worth considerably more than what was paid and The Return of the Jedi Nikto is another £30-40 item.

And it still didn’t end there.  Andy informs me that he also picked up an Empire Strikes Back Sticker album for less than 50p which was about 95% complete, some of the Ralph McQuarrie concept figures, a load of Power of The Force figures and other small statues all for £1.99 each or less.  He finally couldn’t resist a Power of The Force Land Speeder for the princely sum of 9p.

Although it does make you wonder as to the circumstances in which this collection was brought into the store and to sell at profit for just £1.99 an item, it is a great example to show that Star Wars does still turn up in the unlikeliest of places.  I’m sure that a few of us will pop in store and check the website more frequently in order to find the next bargain.  Good find Andy!

Photos © Andy Egan

Richard Hutchinson
Richard's love of the community side of Star Wars is infectious and he can often be found supporting toy shows, such as Farthest From, and Celebration. He is co-host of The Vintage Rebellion podcast which is a monthly vintage Star Wars collecting show.