If you’re one of the 8,810 people that backed the barge in the US and Canada earlier this year then well done, you’ve got yourself a beauty! Meanwhile people in Europe were assured that they’d get a chance at the barge too, although up until now nothing has been said about how, what, where or when.

Thankfully some of that changed this weekend, with a great Q&A session from our friends over at YodasNews.com who asked Steve and Joe directly about the barge coming to Europe (among other questions). To paraphrase, Joe stated that the barge would be arriving in European shores in the spring of 2019, albeit in limited quantities.

We reached out to our friends at Hasbro too and they’ve told us they’re working hard behind-the-scenes to make this happen. So don’t panic, the barge will be coming to Europe and to those patiently waiting for it — myself included! Earlier in the year we were also assured by the team at Hasbro that we’d get the barge in the same format as our friends across the pond — with the exclusive version of Yakface and more.

More as we get it, but whilst you’re waiting why not dust off your old action figures and make some space for The Khetanna!