Hasbro’s AT-AT Arrives and is Unboxed at MTV

This from Adam Rosenberg at MTV…

Regular readers know very well that I am a RABID “Star Wars” fan. Which makes the package that arrived today pretty much the greatest thing ever. Especially after MTV Splash Page editor Rick Marshall — the package’s recipient — bestowed it on me. It’s an amazing piece of toy… and I haven’t even put it together yet! Stay tuned, readers. Photo ops to come. The assembled AT-AT is roughly the size of my dog, so I greatly anticipate their first meeting. For now, content yourself with this gallery of the box’s innards. 

Click on the image for a closer look and take the link below for more images too!

Also, here’s some information you might need if you want to, you know, get one for yourself. The AT-AT arrives in stores on August 1, 2010 and it will retail for $99.99.

For us in the UK, we too should expect to see it in stores on August 1st but with a retail price of closer to £129.99, it can be pre-ordered at Site Sponsor 3Darths now.

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