While fans were quite upset that Hasbro did not have an exclusive available for collectors to purchase at Celebration Anaheim 2015 (a The Force Awakens Sneak Preview figure would have been perfect), they can take some solace in the fact that Hasbro will have a Star Wars exclusive for SDCC 2015 as well as Celebration Europe 2016. The quote provided below was taken from the Q&A session posted over on Making Star Wars.

Q: I have to ask, how come no exclusive for Celebration Anaheim?

A: Yeah you know…next time we definitely will. We’re going to have an exclusive at San Diego for sure. You know, it’s just the time – what we can and can’t do, what we can and can’t show – we’re really ramping up for the fall. We just opted not to, but I think in the future we will for sure.

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Justin LaSalata
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