For some collectors, finding new Hasbro The Force Awakens products on retail store shelves/pegs has unfortunately been akin to Indiana Jones’ quest for the Holy Grail. The much-hyped “Force Friday” festivities took place over two months ago, which was the last time fans in certain areas were able to secure new Episode VII toys to add to their collections.

Hasbro is well aware of this product shortage and offered up the following comments via Deadline earlier today.

Sales of Star Wars-related toys are “running ahead of our expectations” — to the point where “inventory has been light,” forcing Hasbro to catch up — CEO Brian Goldner told an Investor Day gathering today.

The lead toymaker for the movie franchise notes that it’s unlike most other licensed merchandise properties: Toys and other stuff tied to Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the shelves about nine weeks ago on Disney’s “Force Friday.” For most other releases the film would be in theaters by now to help stoke consumer enthusiasm.

Goldner says he’s confident that demand will remain strong leading up to the movie’s release December 18 — and beyond as sequels are released. “It’s not just about this movie,” he says. “Over the next five years there’ll be more Star Wars entertainment than there’s been over the last 30. You’re reigniting a fan base.”