Hasbro Talks Designing The HyperReal 8″ Darth Vader With StarWars.com

Head on over to StarWars.com for an interview they recently conducted with the Hasbro design team about the development of the new Black Series HyperReal 8″ Darth Vader figure that debuted at Toy Fair NY earlier this year. Check out the intro to their interview copied below and then take the supplied source link for the full read.

Official Hasbro press images of the HyperReal 8″ Vader figure can be found here.

There have been Darth Vader action figures ever since Kenner’s first wave of toys in 1978. But there’s never been one like this.

This fall, Hasbro is launching HyperReal Darth Vader, an action-figure that is the stuff of dreams for anyone who has ever played with and loved Star Wars toys. Living up to its line’s namesake, it looks astonishingly real — and that was the goal. The idea was sparked from the ever-growing popularity of toy photography on Instagram, and figuring out a way to remove one irksome visible element that breaks the fantasy of realism: action-figure joints.

“It made it a direct correlation with it being a toy versus being something real,” says Sam Smith, design manager of Star Wars. “We strived to remove that piece, to start to blur the lines between reality.”

To do so, Hasbro went with an entirely new scale that would allow for the detail and engineering necessary to pull off this dream. “An eight-inch scale was required to do that well,” says Patrick Schneider, senior brand manager of Star Wars. “We viewed that as our opportunity to do the best-ever action figure that we’ve done.”

Dianna Bates
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