Hasbro Q&A – The Answers (Week 95/Jedi News Week 55)

Hasbro Questions & Answers

You asked the questions and here’s the third batch of answers for 2011 and right in the middle of SDCC! Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for giving fans around the world a chance to get their voices heard and their questions answered especially here at Jedi News, the UK’s premier and favourite Star Wars fan site.

Get your questions in for the next round by Thursday 18th August please!

Read on for the Questions and Answers…

1)  Loving the look of the new Jedi Force line.  Will we get any of the missing vehicles (not produced for Galactic Heroes) in the new Jedi Force line, such as a TIE fighter, Republic Gunship, Sandcrawler along with some beasts such as the Batha and Ackaly?

Thanks for the feedback. We are very excited for this new brand launch too. There are plans to do more vehicles in the future, but probably more kid recognizable ones. Creatures are appealing to younger kids, so maybe there is a future for those in the line as well. While we are still in the planning stages of this brand, I guess the best we can say is stay tuned!

2)  Jedi News’ Mark Newbold recently interviewed Jenny Cresswell, the actress who portrayed Han Solo’s girlfriend ‘Jenny’ in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (this scene was removed before release and has never been shown; fingers crossed for inclusion on the Blu-ray set).  During the interview she mentioned her disappointment that with so many Star Wars characters out there, her figure has never been made. With the Blu-ray release imminent, will we be seeing ‘Jenny’, from one of A New Hope’s many deleted scenes, on the shelves?  If not ‘Jenny’ please can you tell us at least one more of the deleted scene figures we’ll be seeing when the Blu-ray’s are released?

Wow, now that’s a question we do not field very often.  Jenny Cresswell.  Well, I imagine you already anticipated our response: “Jenny Cresswell is not currently planned for the line.”  But we can say that among the deleted scenes figures is ROJ sandstorm scene Lando.

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