Hunter PR have passed on the answers to our second set of questions which had gone AWOL for the past couple of weeks.  A big thanks to Danny for following up on these. want to provide Canadian Collectors with an opportunity to have their voices heard and their questions answered, so if you have something you’d like to ask Hasbro, please use the link below to submit your questions.  The next due date is 26th August.

1) Now that we finally have Teek and Kaink from the Ewok movies (included in the Star Tours Boarding Party),  you had mentioned that an exclusive set including Chukha trok had been put on hold.  Can you tell us who else was to be included in this set, and have you found a new home for it?

We won’t be talking about this set any more, since it has caused collectors a great deal of pain to know that it was put on hold to begin with.  We still don’t have a home for it yet, but we are confident that this set will eventually be released, hopefully sometime in 2012 if not earlier.

2) Knowing how annoying it is for collectors when an item is not available in Canada, how frustrating is it for you when a Canadian retailer passes on an exclusive that’s been taken up by its US counterpart (thereby preventing it from being offered elsewhere), particularly when the item in question would likely prove very popular e.g. Dewback with Sandtrooper, Evolutions, Comic Packs?  How knowledgeable about such items are the buyers for the retailers when it comes to making such a decision, and is this based on the performance of a poor seller in the past, or on a case-by-case basis?  Is it possible to offer an item elsewhere if a retailer with first refusal passes on it?

It is frustrating, but that’s part of the normal course of business with our retail partners.  We do our best to educate them on the potential demand for each item, but it’s the buyer’s prerogative to pass on an item.  The decisions can have many reasons, including how the brand is performing, potential risk, and the like.  Sometimes it is possible to offer the item to another account depending on who is taking it in the U.S. and if there is enough time to redirect it; however the situation is much more complicated.  If Wal-Mart Canada passes on several of the exclusives that Wal-Mart U.S. would be taking, we can’t offer these exclusives to accounts that would have other international affiliates, because that might expose the original account’s (say for example Wal-Mart U.S.) exclusive’s strategy.