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You asked the questions and here’s the answers to the 49th batch of questions and our 8th (of 12) for 2010. 

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1)      The new AT-AT is awesome and there aren¹t enough superlatives to describe just how good it is ­ great job!  Couple of issues though a) how can you take the legs off for storage and b) why did you decide to add additional voices from the Clone Wars to such an iconic vehicle which has yet to appear in the Clone Wars when you could have included more original dialogue from Empire?

We are so glad that you like the AT-AT. It was great to have the opportunity to re-imagine this iconic vehicle as the “ultimate” toy .

The legs *will* come of but you have to give them a really good pull; it’s probably easiest if you turn it on its back and pull straight up. We designed it the way it is to make sure that the legs were very secure as they have to support quite a beast of a load.

As for the voices, other than Veers, there is not a lot of quality AT-AT specific dialog. So, we scoured lots of various Star Wars entertainment to come up with good dialog and sound fx. We had quite a long list of options but there were three criteria  that we wanted to ensure we nailed: fun open-ended and aggressive play that tells a story; clean-sounding dialog; and a consistent sound. We wanted to have Veers, Vader, cockpit chatter in the head and commander/officer phrases as well as standard Imperial Troopers in the main body. Since theoretically the Clones are in the Classic Trilogy, we felt that the animated dilog could be considered even though there is no AT-AT in the Clone Wars series.

2)      It¹s great that we have the new Saga Legends, Clone Wars and Vintage figures available to buy NOW in the UK along with the new vehicles (inc. AT-AT, Snowspeeder and Cloud Car) but the street date for these was the week commencing 6th August.  How and why has this happened?  With previous ?shelf dates the retailers have, for the most part, stuck to the dates asked for and this creates an uneven playing field for those retailers that were playing by the book. 

There was no shelf date at all for retailers outside of North America; this was changed earlier this year and all marking were taken off of our master cartons.  The reason for this is that there was no entertainment event that set up the new line launch in other countries; in the U.S. and Canada it is part of the lead-up to the launch of Clone Wars Season 3 and all licensees were held to the August date to create an event-feel to the launch.

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