Hasbro Q&A – The Answers (Week 73/Jedi News Week 34)

You asked the questions and here’s the answers to the 34th batch of questions asked by Jedi News and our seventh for 2009.

Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for giving fans around the world a chance to get their voices heard and their questions answered especially here at Jedi News, the UK’s premier and favourite Star Wars fan site.

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Read on for the Questions and Answers…

1)     You’ve said that the Battle Pack format will be changing shortly. Can you tell us how and when this format will be changing – will it be the contents of the packs (to include more vehicles, and less figures, like the recent Yavin Pack) and/or will the size be changing?  When these first started out we had 4 troopers in small mailer boxes and then this evolved into the Cinema Scenes so we’re intrigued as to what’s next?  Also, will the recently shown pictures of the Kamino Conflict Battle Pack feature any revised sculpts?

The size will change next Fall – the footprint will be approximately the same size as the Battle Packs that ran from late Fall ’05 through until Spring ’08, with a little less height since the format has changed to four figures so the height is not needed to pose so many figures in pack.  The deeper package from the blue/white Clone Wars line look has been very difficult to manage for some retailers since fewer could fit on shelf at a time, which presented problems with the number we could include in a case pack and overall ratio management across all retailers as a result.  As to the contents, there will be no more vehicles like the Yavin set in the mainline battle packs, and the assortment will consist of more four (and maybe five) figure packs. We will also draw from the existing library of sets that continually sell very well like Jedi vs. Sidious, Clone Attack on Coruscant, etc.  We will mix in a few new ones, but they are going to be primarily kid-targeted.  As for the new Kamino set, all of the figures are existing with originald eco. We did have to remove some of the grungy paint wipes from R4 for costing reasons, but that is pretty marginal.

2)     We’ve seen images of the animated Clone Wars Cad Bane figure – will we get the other Bounty Hunters from the last episode of Season 1 of the Clone Wars including Aurra Sing and others?

Yes you will – by next Fall there will be a tasty new assortment of Clone Wars bounty hunters to look for.  We will have a lot more detail on the full range next Spring at Toy Fair.

3)     Wave 2 of the Clone Wars 2-Packs arrived in the UK at Sainsbury’s a couple of months back but we’ve not seen Wave 1 at retail – will we see these in the UK and if so when?  Also, are there any plans for anymore Clone Wars 2-Packs and if so what figures will feature – any chance we’ll see any repaints of Battle Droids in these packs as it seems an easy way to get them out there to the fans?

What you are seeing *is* Wave 1 of that particular assortment….a heroic good guy figure vs. a battle droid, both consisting of mainline deco without changes.  We do have plans for different Clone Wars 2-pack configurations.  Toys ‘R Us will also be carrying a wave of 3 other repack 2-packs (Anakin/R2-D2, Grevious/Battle Droid, Cody/Clone).  In the U.S., there will be a couple of special clone-focused 2-packs coming this Fall (unfortunately, we could not get a retail partner to sign onto this one in the U.K. and Europe, although they will be coming to Aus/NZ.

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