Hasbro Q&A – The Answers (Week 70/Jedi News Week 32)

You asked the questions and here’s the answers to the 32nd batch of questions asked by Jedi News and our fifth for 2009.

Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for giving fans around the world a chance to get their voices heard and their questions answered especially here at Jedi News, the UK’s premier and favourite Star Wars fan site.

Thanks for sending in your questions and keep them coming for the next Q&A (take the link above or on the left hand menu), we need your questions by midday on Friday 29th May please.

Read on for the Questions and Answers…

1)The Battle On Mygeeto battle pack was never available in the UK. Are there any plans to release this again as part of the Legacy Collection, and what other hard-to-find battle packs might we see being re-packaged at a later date?

There are no plans right now to re-release Battle on Mygeeto. Right now, the Battle Pack lineup is slated to be new sets (some of existing figures), but none of the previous sets are planned to come back into the lineup. That may change over time as we continue to respond to retailer needs and look to previous “greatest hits” to keep the assortment going. If that happens, we’ll take a look detailed data we get back from retailers to decide what to get back out. Mygeeto is a good candidate forrelease some day.

2) Could we please get further details on the exclusives that will be released in the UK (such as Jabba’s Rancor, Comic Packs, Droid Factory and Geonosis Arena sets, etc.), along with dates and which store(s) will be getting them?

The Geonosis Arena 2-packs will be coming to Tesco this Fall. Unfortunately the news is not so good for the rest. We have offered these exclusives to several retail partners, but unfortunately did not secure placement for most of them. Comic Packs are not as strong across all of Europe as they are in the U.S., so the exclusives (both Spring and the Fall wave which has yet to be announced) will not be coming to the U.K. The Rancor and Droid Factory will also not be coming. We share your frustration – these are all excellent items and deserve to be distributed all over the world, but we need willing retail partners to be able to able to get them to you. We are working to solve issues for 2010 further ahead of time with the goal of having better global alignment.

3) With the demise of the Hasbro UK Toy Shop, will collectors in the UK now be able to buy directly from the US store (typically exclusives not released in the UK along with other items like stands and cases, etc.)?

Unfortunately, U.K. collectors will not be able to buy from the U.S. store. The only other country in development for shipment outside the U.S. is Canada, and we have had extraordinary difficulties in getting that on line. We don’t know if we will be able to add more global distribution to the U.S. site, but if we do it won’t be for some time. Sorry – wish we had a better answer for you.

Adam Lamping
Adam launched Jedi News in 2007 along with James Burns, and together swiftly built the site into the UK's number one Star Wars destination. He stepped away from Jedi News in 2011 to become a contributor at Rebelscum.