Hasbro Q&A – The Answers (Week 68/Jedi News Week 30)

You asked the questions and here’s the answers to the 30th batch of questions and our third for 2009; this batch follows on from the reveals at the UK and US Toy Fairs.

Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for giving fans around the world a chance to get their voices heard and their questions answered especially here at Jedi News, the UK’s premiere and favourite Star Wars fan site.

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Read on for the Questions and Answers…

1) First of all, it was really good to see a Yuuzhan Vong figure revealed at Toy Fair.   Does Hasbro plan to release any further EU figures from New Jedi Order such as Jacen and Jaina.  Also, are there any plans for a Zayne Carrick figure either as a Comic Pack or Legacy Basic figure release?

Yes, there are plans for Jacen and Jaina at some point.  As for Zayne, there are no plans right now.  His was the very last pack cut from the list before we nailed down the 2010 line plan.  He is a strong possibility for a 2011 comic pack, however.

2) Can you please clear up the issue regarding the Battle Pack with Gun Turrets – this has got people very confused and annoyed.  Please can you confirm how many Fun Turrets we’re getting in the Battle Pack – is it one or two?  If it’s two then great, if not, why are we paying for a Battle Pack with two figures and one Gun Turret – when this was originally released as a figure from Episode II we got a figure with Gun Turret for the cost of a Basic Figure – now we could be expected to pay three times the cost for a lot less!

Originally, we designed this set to have two turrets and two clones. 

However, we could not get costs from our factories to fall in line with the cost targets we needed to hit.  As a result, there will be one turret in the pack.  The choice at the end of the day was quite simple: one turret and two clones, or to not produce the item at all.  We obviously feel that it is a nice addition to the world of Star Wars and hope that fans show that our intuition and passion for items like this was not misplaced.

3) There were reports of a Galactic Heroes AT-AT with electronics (apparently this was seen at the UK Toy Fair) but this wasn’t mentioned or seen as part of the US Toy Fair Coverage.  Can you clarify the position on this item and when and if we’re likely to see it?

The item will not be released in 2009; it is being considered right now for 2010.

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