You asked the questions and here’s the answers to the 26th batch of questions and our 18th batch for 2008. 

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Read on for the Questions and Answers…

1) Gentle Giant and others have taken their respective animated lines across the whole Star Wars Saga (PT, OT and EU).  With the new animated Clone Wars line in place do you have any plans to release characters from the OT and/or EU to match this format or will you only do this if they appear in the Clone Wars series?

We do not have plans to take classic characters into the animated format (or vice-versa) at this time.  This would no doubt be appealling to a sub-segment of collectors who appreciate the novelty of the expression, but this would tie up valuable figure slots that would otherwise be dedicated to new Legacy and Clone Wars figures.

2) What’s happening with the FX Lightsabres… can you tell us which new FX Lightsabres we’ll be seeing in the near future and do you have any pictures you can share with us at this stage?  Will we see the new FX Lightsabres in the UK?

The FX business has been off to a slower start than we expected due to initial production delays, but that should be behind us now.  We expect that the lightsabers will be available in the UK as soon as retailers place orders for them – expected to be in Spring 2009.  New ones in development include EpI Obi-Wan, and Count Dooku.  We need to make sure that we are in full distribution with the original contingent first, and then we can look at getting the new ones into the mix sometime (hopefully) mid-2009.

3) With the 30th Anniversary of the Holiday Special being celebrated by TOPPS and others it seems that Lucasfilm are allowing its partners to delve into an area us fans thought was totally off limits.  With this change of heart do you think we’ll see any more figures from the Holiday Special – a Chewbacca Family Pack would be fun?

The Topps cards were promotional cards only (not mass merchandised) produced only against the animated sequence the Special.  It doesn’t signal a change in positioning for the live action parts.  It’s something we priodically discuss with Lucasfilm, because Wookieees remain one of those special species that really strike a chord with fans, but we don’t believe the stance will change.