Gentle Giant SDCC 2012 Exclusive: Blue Snaggletooth Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure

We first were teased about it yesterday by our friends at Yodasnews, and today we get the official word on Gentle Giant’s Comic-Con exclusive Blue Snaggletooth 12” Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure!

With an edition size of 2,000, the figure carries an $80 price tag and is available for pre-order by PGM members right now at the link here!

Remember, you must be logged into your PGM account to view the product listing and place your order.

Blue Snaggletooth is the informal name of a rare Kenner action figure from 1978. Released as part of the Sears “Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set”, the Snaggletooth figure was intended to represent the character who would later be known as Zutton. However, the only reference used for the figure was a partial black and white photograph of the alien’s head. The body was unknown, so the sculptors and artists improvised, creating a tall alien with a tight blue spacesuit and silver boots. From 1979 onward, including later Sears releases of the cantina set, all versions of Snaggletooth were changed to a red color,  with bare feet and hands and shorter legs.

SOURCEGentle Giant Blog
Justin LaSalata
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