Full Kit Available Now for Build Your Own R2-D2 from DeAgostini

After two years the end has come for those collecting and building Build Your Own R2-D2 from DeAgostini. The final issue, #100, has shipped this month and the app is available for Android and iOS now too.

This magazine series celebrates the amazing technology of STAR WARS SAGA. Follow in the footsteps of the master film prop designers and assemble a MOVIE-ACCURATEHALF-SIZE REPLICA of the most famous astromech in the galaxy.

Your R2-D2 is also an ADVANCEDAUTONOMAOUS DROID, with interactive intelligence, and multiple modes and functions.

You can now order Build Your Own R2-D2 as a full kit, compete with all 100 issues of the magazine alongside all the parts needed to build your own 1:2 scaled remote-controlled R2-D2. Monthly subscriptions are also available too. Happy building!


James is an active member of the Star Wars collecting community, and is the Brand Director for Jedi News. James is also the host of the Star Wars Collectors Cast, and co-host of RADIO 1138 on the Jedi News Network.