It seems like ages since the last show and then two come along at once, we finished recording the full April show last night at just gone 4am UK time, look for it this time next week.  In the meantime though enjoy this Microcast…

The nominations phase of the fourth annual Hasbro Wishlist Poll has concluded, and the top characters are revealed exclusively here in this FCCE microcast! James Burns and Dan Curto are joined by special guest Paul Cotcher (better known as Since1978 in the forums) as they go over the top choices in each category of the nominations phase. All six films are represented, as well as the Expanded Universe, The Clone Wars, and a brand-new category…”Clone Wars Realistic!

As always, the results will be presented to the Hasbro Star Wars team at SDCC in July. While there will be no official automatically produced winner from this poll, the results do matter! Hasbro looks at every detail of these polls, and keeps the top choices in the fabled “parking lot” for future consideration

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