First Impression: Mission Series MS01 – Star Destroyer Set

For your viewing (and reading) pleasure, check out a new review of the first 2-pack in Hasbro’s Mission Series line of 2-packs that are just starting to hit stores worldwide. That’s right! new Star Wars figures are back in stores! Get the full review (as well as a cool feature of the packaging!) after the jump! While on a recent family vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, I found the first wave of the new Star Wars Mission Series 2-packs in the Tatooine Traders gift shop (the store you enter upon exiting Star Tours). They were a little on the expensive side ($14.95, as opposed to $9.99 that they are in the normal brick-and-mortar stores)…but I figured I’d at least get this set, since it had a Star Tours theme. I should explain that a bit…the figures are not specifically called out as being based on the ride, and they are most likely intended to be based on their appearance in Revenge of the Sith, but both Vader and the Seeker Droid “might” appear during the Star Tours ride, so I choose to think of this set as being based on the attraction. (Note that there IS a multipack that has a modified Seeker Droid in it…however, I couldn’t find that during my trip. Next time, baby!) Anyway, here are my impressions of this set!

MS01 Mission Series: Star Destroyer – Darth Vader and Seeker Droid

Right off the bat, you notice just HOW SMALL the new Vader-design card is. This line is extremely tiny compared the action figures we have come to know the past few decades. The Darth Vader graphic is very reminiscent of Revenge of the Sith of course, since this line was developed to be released in conjunction with the 3D film hitting the big screen.

The familiar angled borders and design elements are also back, along with a large photo of the character or scene is meant to represent (in this case, it’s obviously generated.) Plus, the character side images make a welcome return to the packaging. I’ve always enjoyed those. 

One very interesting “feature” of this new packaging, is that the cardboard folds out once you cut the tape on the sides. It turns out the side panels are used to hold the plastic blister bubble down. It is not adhered to the entire card, but only on the top part. This allows for the blister to be lifted up and the inner bubble can be removed. This allows the figures to be taken out to play with….and then you can put them back in when finished! So you have the option if you want it. Neat.

Anyway, onto the figures!

Darth Vader
Quite possibly the character with the MOST action figures to datethis latest version of the Dark Lord of the Sith follows the pattern of the rest of the new Saga Legends line with a more simplified design, limited articulation (neck, shoulders, and hips). In a way, it’s very much like the original Kenner figures many of us old-school collectors remember.

However, a few element from the modern figures remain: the sculpting is more detailed (although honestly, a number of Vader’s details are absent here, which is odd), the lightsaber is not connected, and the cape is still soft goods.

The deco is what you’d expect it to be…a black suit with 4 minor colors on it. Nothing exciting, but…that’s Vader for you.

This “new style” of action figures really does take its cue from the Kenner figures, and there is a certain nostalgia to that.     

Seeker Droid
The Seeker Droid is of course a brand-new figure…other than the Star Tours set I mentioned above…and there are 3 points of articulation, in a manner of speaking. The legs and cannon can swivel around, but only because they plug into the main body. The sculpt is more or less basic, but accurate as far as I can tell. The deco is also minimal, since there’s only one color used. The support stand is a nice addition, allowing the droid to appear to “hover” in the air while searching for the rebel spies.

The other three sets in this line are also available, and I’ll talk about those another time. It’s nice to see NEW Star Wars figures in stores, even if they are somewhat controversial like these.

Dan Curto
Dan Curto is a veteran collecting reporter who reported for between 2002 and 2012. In the podcast world he discussed the state of collecting with James Burns on The ForceCast: Collector's Edition and later on the CurtoBurns Collector's Cast.