Feel The Force With New Maped Helix Star Wars Stationery Range

Maped Helix revive a product range many of you will hand fond memories of from your youth…

Maped Helix is excited to announce the launch of their Star Wars intergalactic stationery range, from maths sets and rulers, to pencils, sharpeners and pencil cases.

To celebrate the 40year anniversary of the first Star Wars film, Maped Helix will be reproducing a selection of products from their original 1977 Helix Star Wars range. This highly anticipated collection will launch ahead of this year’s May the Fourth celebrations.

Products in the Helix Star Wars anniversary range will feature the Star Wars 40th anniversary logo and includes the iconic brightly-coloured Death Star pencil sharpener; the original maths set tin featuring the 1977 design but with modern day contents; a range of four pencil cases featuring hand-drawn artwork to represent different characters from the classic movies; the stormtrooper 30cm ruler; and a twelve pack of HB graphite pencils featuring the Star Wars logo and “May The Force Be With You”. An Anniversary Collection set is also being produced and will contain all of the retro products in a gift pack.

Alongside the Helix Star Wars anniversary range, a unique collection of home and office products are being developed to adorn the desks of Star Wars fans. This range will include staplers, hole punches and scissors, each with an impactful visual. Products will be housed in a premium and executively styled pack, themed to fit the light side or the dark.

Gray Richmond, Managing Director at Maped Helix said: “This is a brilliant opportunity to be once again working with one of the greatest film franchises. Star Wars is a big part of the history of Helix and we have some fantastic products in the pipeline.”

“The new office range is getting the premium treatment suitable for an executive office creating a talking point rather than just being a functional item. We can’t wait to launch them to fans across the UK and Ireland.”

The Maped Helix Star Wars range will be launching throughout 2017.

Matt Booker
Matt is the Jedi News Social Media Guru, as well as co-host of the Take Cover podcast on the Jedi News Network. He also has a Boba Fett-ish with one of the largest Fett collections spanning every genre of collecting.