Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars: The Card Game Expansion – Edge of Darkness

Fantasy Flight Games bring the latest expansion to Star Wars: The Card Game, Star Wars: The Card Game: Edge of Darkness.

From the website:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Edge of Darkness, the first deluxe expansion for Star Wars™: The Card Game!

With twenty-two new objective sets and a total of 132 cards, Edge of Darkness allows players to battle for the fate of the galaxy as either of two new affiliations. The game’s Scum and Villainy affiliation allows dark side players to focus on reaping the benefits they gain from capturing their opponents’ cards, and their ranks include such notable units as Slave I, Bossk, Bib Fortuna, and Jabba the Hutt. Meanwhile, the light side’s Smugglers and Spies affiliation presents players with a multitude of tricks. Relying upon stealth and able to strike even while outside of engagements, these noble scoundrels gamble on strategies centered around high risks and high rewards.

Edge of Darkness draws heavily from the original Star Wars trilogy, but it also allows players to explore the events of the expanded Star Wars universe. Players will be able to recreate some of the canonical events from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, using many of the characters who appeared on Cloud City and at Jabba’s Palace. They’ll also be able to imagine new events like the infiltration of Nar Shaddaa by Bothan Spies and the brutal fights between Wookiee and Trandoshan warriors. Adding to the possibilities are new objective sets for the Jedi, Sith, Rebel Alliance, and Imperial Navy, as well as several neutral objective sets that add surprises and tactical advantages to any deck.