Fantasy Flight Games: Restore Freedom to the Galaxy

Time for the next beta test from Fantasy Flight Games as the RPG’s continue to roll out.

From the website:

To encapsulate the operatic grandeur of the Star Wars universe, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is related across three epic, cross-compatible roleplaying systems. Each system offers a unique approach to the Star Wars universe, each Core Rulebook contains all the information you need to run a full campaign, and all three systems share the same core mechanics, meaning you can easily use materials from all three systems within a single campaign.

Age of Rebellion is the second of these installments and focuses squarely on the two military powers that are warring for the fate of the galaxy – you and your friends take the roles of heroes of the Rebel Alliance and fight against the tyranny of the Empire. Accordingly, characters and adventures in Age of Rebellion lead to an entirely different experience than those in Edge of the Empire. When your X-wing squadron is flying into battle against a swarm of TIEs, or when an AT-AT’s cannon fire has pinned you down, you’re not likely to worry about the outstanding debts that you may owe a Hutt crime lord. Instead, Age of Rebellion explores the challenges the Rebel Alliance face while trying to fight for freedom against a much greater military force. You’ll find opportunities to gather intelligence, rally support for your cause, take part in guerilla strikes, and dogfight opposing starfighters in dramatic space battles.