Fantasy Flight Games: New Starships, Tough Command Decisions

The latest expansions to the Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games arrives next week and here’s reigning World Champion Doug Kinney to introduced us the the new wave.

From the website:

The next four X-Wing™ starship expansions will arrive at retailers next week! To get an expert’s opinion of how these ships will reshape the game’s dramatic space battles, we asked reigning World Champion Doug Kinney to take a close look at all their ship cards, upgrades, and maneuver dials.

The short version is that Doug expects these starship expansions to improve every single starship in the game by opening new strategies that make them more viable in competitive play.

The long version? Read on for Doug Kinney’s take on the Lambda-class Shuttle, HWK-290, B-wing, and TIE bomber…