Fantasy Flight Games: Enter the Shadows

Star Wars: Imperial Assault expands as the Twin Shadows expansion hits the dirty streets of Tatooine and every other planet in the galaxy.

From the website:

“You can either profit by this or be destroyed. It’s your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my power.”
–Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The dusty streets of Mos Eisley and the sweeping dunes of the Jundland Wastes are full of danger for the unaware or underprepared. So when Han Solo disappears during a reconnaissance mission on Tatooine, the High Command of the Rebel Alliance dispatches two of its best agents to uncover the truth behind Imperial activity on Tatooine.
Now, you can journey there yourself and fight alongside iconic characters with the Twin Shadows expansion for Imperial Assault! This expansion, together with the C-3PO and R2-D2 Ally Pack, the Boba Fett Villain Pack, and the Kayn Somos Villain Pack, is now available at your local United States retailer.