EFX Star Destroyer Studio Scale Model Now Available for Pre-Order

Here’s the latest news from EFX featuring the Star Destroyer Studio Scale Model and more….

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Star Wars: A New Hope

We are excited to launch our very special new line of extremely exclusive, custom built, studio quality prop replicas for our ultimate collectors! As many of you already know, our “inaugural” replica is the Star Destroyer from Star Wars: A New Hope and it is now available for pre-order!

What makes this replica a special and rare collectible is they are hand made by our model makers in the USA. They are not made in a mass production environment of a factory. Each model is meticulously cast, cleaned up, painted and assembled one by one. We have 2 model makers working full time along with suppliers such as laser cutting vendors, machinists, etc. There are more than 1,000 model kit parts that make up the more than 200 individually cast parts that are precisely placed on to the main ship! Also, one of the ILM model supervisors who actually worked on the model in The Empire Strikes Back helped with the completion of our prototype.

The final, completed ship measures and incredible. 47-1/2” long (that’s almost 4 Feet!) X 29” wide X 13” tall and the lighting effects match the Star Destroyer in A New Hope where the engines and the launch bay are lit.

There is a payment plan available. More information is on the website.

We realize that this is a very large investment, but this is a unique opportunity to acquire a true studio scale model that has the pedigree of the original model with the assistance of one of the model makers that actually worked on it! This will, without a doubt, become one of the most collectible replicas that we have ever made! This will be the centerpiece of any Star Wars collection.

For more information and pictures, please click HERE to go to our website. If you checked out the link before, check it out again! We have added some great new pictures!

If you have any specific questions, please email us at Devastator@EFXCollectibles.com

Currently available on our website for pre-order are:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

• $159* Plus Shipping/Handling and CA Sales Tax, if applicable.
• Digitally scanned from the screen-used prop.
• Millennium Falcon cockpit inspired wooden presentation box.
• Dice made in solid, hand cast brass.
• Dice Made in USA.
• Certificate of Authenticity.
• Anticipated delivery: January, 2019.

For more product information and pre-order information please click here.

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