Detailed Look at Sideshow Darth Sidious Mythos Statue, Pre-Orders Open December 5

Revealed last month, Sideshow Collectibles has posted additional product photos and details for their new Darth Sidious Mythos Statue over on their blog section. Standing 21″ in height, Sidious is featured levitating over a rocky section of Mustafar and comes with PVC and fabric design elements. The statue will set you back $585 with pre-orders scheduled to go live on Sideshow’s website tomorrow December 5.

Click the image below for a larger view and then take the supplied source link for even more photos of this jaw-dropping entry in the Mythos product line.

The Darth Sidious Mythos Statue measures 21” tall, as the vengeful Sith levitates over the roiling lava of the volcano planet Mustafar. Drawing power from the dark side of the Force, Sidious shoots a blue bolt of lightning from his gnarled fingertips in a fearsome display of rage.

The polystone Darth Sidious Mythos Statue features PVC elements as well as a black fabric cloak over sculpted inner robes, designed to capture windswept motion as the villain hovers over the volcanic earth. The fabric cloak also has internal wiring, allowing you to pose it for added dynamism. Emperor Palpatine’s iconic portrait is detailed with sunken yellow eyes, darkened teeth, and a wrinkled, aged complexion, embodying the evil of the Dark Side. The Darth Sidious Mythos Statue also includes a swap-out left hand wielding an extended red Sith lightsaber blade with which to strike down the Jedi once and for all.

Pre-orders for the Darth Sidious Mythos Statue will begin on Thursday, December 5th between 12pm-3pm PDT and the statue will be priced at $585 USD.