Celebrate Halloween In Style With Her Universe

Just in time for Halloween our favorite fangirl fashion designer has announced via Instagram her first collaboration with Spirit Halloween stores. Ashley Eckstein has done it again and is breaking boundaries of fangirl fashion. She has released 3 dresses to Spirit Halloween that are cosplay dresses of favorite Star Wars characters. Now I can argue that most of the dresses she has done before could be used for Halloween purposes but she has gone the extra mile with these.

These are definitely more costumed based with a little bit of sexy pin up girl style but nothing too over the top. They are better quality than what you would normally buy from a costume store and I am hoping they don’t come in the plastic bag that most costumes come in. With the Her Universe name on them I am expecting something of a higher quality than what I would usually buy for a Halloween costume. I actually really love the BB-8 dress. The other dresses available are Darth Vader and Captain America.

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In addition to these options there is one more option available at Hot Topic if you love R2-D2 then you need to head to Hot Topic and get the Halloween cosplay dress that is available exclusively there.

Ashley did confirm on Instagram that the dresses are in true Her Universe sizes. I know myself and some other fangirls would like to see Ashley in the dresses because I judge what size to get based on what she wears. The prices for dresses range depending on website sales from $35 to $45. Normally I do not encourage you to use coupons and sales because the designers and the companies who make clothes get more out of it when you buy full price and it helps companies to see that the items will sell well and they continue to carry them. However, Spirit and Hot Topic always seem to have things on sale no matter what so take advantage of the coupons while you can.

Overall I think these will be a good fit for most Fangirls that want to do a simple costume this year and I bet we see a lot more Star Wars costumes out there. If you want to get one of your very own just click on the links below.

Spirit Halloween (BB8, Vader and Captain America)

Hot Topic (R2D2)

Teresa Delgado
Teresa is a co-host of a number of podcasts including Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue, Star Wars Bookworks (with fellow Team Jedi News member Aaron Goins) and Galactic Fashion alongside Johnamarie Macias on the Jedi News Network.