Those posting machines over at Brickset bring us their latest review, a look at the Elite TIE Fighter Pilot, set 75526.

Armoured characters are well suited to the Buildable Figures range so 75526 Elite TIE Fighter Pilot should be among the best of the four new sets. He sports a black flight suit which looks very intimidating and I love the red stripes on the helmets in Star Wars: The Force Awakens so am glad to see that decoration depicted here.

However, I am not entirely sure why the TIE Fighter pilot was chosen for a Buildable Figure as its design is reminiscent of past sets such as 75121 Imperial Death Trooper and a more visually distinctive character, perhaps a First Order Flametrooper, would have been preferable in my opinion. Nevertheless, the model appears faithful to the source material so hopefully it will be a welcome addition to the collection.