Graham Hancock of Brick Fanatics, a previous reporter here at Jedi News, looks at 5 reasons why Star Wars toys may not be selling as well as they should; it’s well worth a read….

Conventional wisdom holds that Star Wars merchandise sells, and sells best when there is a movie coming out. Over the last few years, retailers and licensees have found that the Force is not with the goodies like it used to be, with the counter intuitive story being that Star Wars has gone from being the best selling licence before the release of The Force Awakens, to sliding down the chart since its release.

Hasbro announced poor Star Wars toy results, after LEGO Germany had confirmed a decrease in sales and the UK toy industry noticed a down turn. In addition, it is common knowledge within the toy industry that there is plenty of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story still sitting unsold in warehouses. Big clearance houses are struggling to sell the leftover stock even at rock bottom prices. How did Star Wars go from being surprisingly successful for companies like the LEGO Group over the past decade, to being the property that does not live up to expectations?

With merchandise for Solo: A Star Wars Story being released on April 20th, just 5 weeks before the opening of the film on May 25th, perhaps this will help its chances at retail — let’s wait and see! Read the full article here.

SOURCEBrick Fanatics
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