BBC Asks ‘Are Star Wars Toys Holding Their Value?’

The BBC, with the help of some familiar names, looks to see if Star Wars toys are still holding their value.

Matt Fox, curator of the May The Toys Be With You exhibition, said while vintage Star Wars toys have enjoyed a “meteoric rise in value” since 2014, prices for some have started to level off.

“After a flood of new collectors these last three or four years, we have returned to a steady trickle and this has led to some stabilisation of the rising prices,” he said.

“Prices will continue to rise for high end and rare items, but I suspect that the ‘regular’ loose figure market will remain quite stable now.”

He said the reason was that new collectors will have now built up their “loose figure runs” – about 100 models from the vintage era – meaning the rush to buy has quietened down.

Is toy value related to the movies?

The Last Jedi, released in 2017, was largely a critical success, but fans were bitterly divided with some even calling for Disney to “re-make Episode VIII properly”.

Mr Fox does not believe that the quality of the latest films really affects vintage toy prices.

“Star Wars is a franchise that has constantly delighted and upset fans in equal measure,” he said.

“Naturally some will tell you today that The Last Jedi is the worst thing to ever happen.

“Personally I find something to love in all of them, and I’m even getting a bit nostalgic for the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace this year!”

Do collectors buy the new toys?

Ahead of the opening of The Force Awakens in 2015, Disney’s first-quarter earnings jumped on the strength of Star Wars.

However, in early 2018 and in February, this year, the firm reported a decrease in revenue from products based on the franchise, with Bloomberg suggesting that movies with toy tie-ins are no longer working.

In the US, it is believed to be because children’s movie attendance has dropped in the face of competition from YouTube, Netflix and social media.

The Brick Fanatics, a website dedicated to Lego, agrees it is partly due to a change of habits, along with “dull designs”.

“There are lots of Star Wars toys available at clearance prices at the moment,” said editor Graham Hancock.

“While that is good for consumers in the short-term, in the long-term it has the potential to make retailers and manufacturers think twice about Star Wars toys.”

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