Another Night at the Warp Core Café by Jeff Carlisle

Unfortunately, Jeff Carlisle was not one of the chosen artists for this year’s Star Wars Celebration but that does not mean there is no new art — the folks at Pulse Gallery have got in touch about his latest piece titled Another Night at the Warp Core Café goes on sale tomorrow (14th March). The piece includes a little over 550 characters from almost every sci-fi television show or movie imaginable and took him over 200 hours to complete.

Jeff Carlisle is an artist with a huge following for his Star Wars art and through that he has created this wonderful piece called Another Night at the Work Café encapsulating over 500 characters from many films and shows. From Star Wars to Dr Who, DC to Marvel you can spend hours searching and discovering new characters you didn’t see before. For Jeff it was a labour of love, a piece that capture so many of his favourite characters and craft.

Pulse gallery are releasing the artwork exclusively as a timed release limited edition lithograph. Jeff’s following is such that demand will be high and for just 10 days you will be able to get your edition from or from Jeff’s own site,

Printed on a fine art paper the edition will measure 16″ x 20” and will be shipped from the UK by Pulse Gallery around 4 weeks after the timed release closes on 24th March. This piece of art already has a huge following on social media and is set to become a highly sought after edition once the release closes, there will only be printed just the order number placed during the timed release window.

The Artist: Jeff Carlisle

A life-long Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, Jeff Carlisle’s artistic journey began with seeing the original Star Wars in when he was four. He followed that with watching classic Sci-Fi television as a child, reading classic science fiction and fantasy books in his teen years and playing lots of role-playing games and video games while in art school. Jeff”s work is inspired by the works of Jean ” MOEBIUS” Giraud, Geoff Darrow, William Stout, Richard Amsel, The Hildebrandt Brothers, Ralph McQuarrie, Ron Cobb and Syd Mead and the drawing and dreaming he has been doing his whole life is now his career. Over the last two decades he has designed or created Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, The ALIEN franchise, Spider-Man, The X-Men, Lord of the Rings, THE GUILD, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder illustrations for various projects such as Books, Magazines, Web Comics, Role-Playing and Miniatures Games, Trading cards, Posters, Art Prints, Maps, Sketchcards, Webshows and Short Movies, a Video Game, and even Paper Airplanes–with many others yet to come.

Jeff is proud to have been able to contribute his small part to the dreams of others, to celebrate those that have come before him, and hopes to continue for a long time. Jeff and his wife Lisa live in Ohio.

Life is Good.

Order this 16″ x 20″ Lithograph on Fine Art Paper tomorrow at the link below — happy hunting!

SOURCEPulse Gallery
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