A Norse Discovery

Last month Ketil Rasmussen caused quite a stir on the Norwegian facebook groups by displaying a photograph of a Star Wars collection he’d inherited when his father passed away.  One quick glimpse clearly shows why.


The photograph shows part of a 125 carded collection containing a mixture of Return of the Jedi and Trilogo figures purchased in the 1980s predominantly in Norway.  Ketil shared a little of the backstory, mentioned that they’d been stored away in boxes and that he’d like for them to find a home with a collector who’d appreciate them.  Values around £90,000 were mentioned but it was clear that the owner wanted to take his time and get to fully understand his father’s collection by discussing it with a collector who knew a lot more than he did.

The more casual collector may have scanned over the images looking for the rarer figures like Trilogo Jawa or Boba Fett.  Trilogo figures, so called because of their distinctive three logo look, can run from £30 for more common figures like Nikto, right up to several thousands of pounds for rare figures like General Madine.


However, more seasoned collectors have recognised that within Trilogo collecting there are many different variations including bubble sizes and types, import labels and price stickers which can each affect the interest, and therefore the price, of most figures.


Can you spot the odd one out?

Well, although three of these carded R5-D4 look very much alike, each carded figure is different and tell a lot about the history of the piece.  Anyone interested in further Trilogo information should check out Joe O’Brien’s excellent www.trilogo.info for more information.


Photographs of some key pieces appeared online and Swedish collector Henrik Friden visited the collection to see it in all of its glory, chat with the owner and ultimately to hopefully strike a deal to obtain the set.  It was during this chat that he noticed the Norwegian price stickers applied to 14 of the cards.


This is believed to be the first actual evidence of Norwegian price stickers applied to Star Wars cards and is an important piece of history to document.  This particular price sticker originates from a toy store in Oslo called ‘standard’ and retailed for 26.50 Krone which was around £2.30.  There were also some very rare Swedish price stickered cards, likely to have been purchased when the owner’s father visited Sweden in 1987.

Digging through the boxes Henrik noticed that there were some pretty cool variations of some Trilogo cards with Italian


and also Benelux Clipper stickers in there.


The reason why these cards appeared in Norway is due to the Norse countries purchasing discounted stock from the rest of Europe where interest in Star Wars was beginning to wane.  Children in the Norse countries were not as saturated by the products, although in this case it was an adult collector who did what we all wish we did back in the day.

The last part of the collection I’d like to show are what are known as Hybrid cards.  These are carded figures with Return of the Jedi fronts but Trilogo backs.  Some are easy to find, others incredibly difficult.  This set had 3 of the easier ones to acquire but it is still nice seeing them together in one collection.

rh_norway_hybrid1 rh_norway_hybrid2

A truly remarkable find and I don’t believe it will be the last large collection to emerge from the Norse countries either.  Happy hunting!

Photographs and information © Richard Hutchinson, Martin Dahl, Henrik Friden and www.abcnyheter.no

Richard Hutchinson
Richard's love of the community side of Star Wars is infectious and he can often be found supporting toy shows, such as Farthest From, and Celebration. He is co-host of The Vintage Rebellion podcast which is a monthly vintage Star Wars collecting show.