5 Cool Vintage Star Wars Halloween Collectibles

Pete Vilmur returns to the official site to look at five cool vintage Star Wars collectibles for Halloween….

Staring out from the lobby display case at Lucasfilm headquarters this month is a handful of vintage costumes, masks, cards, and other materials from the first few years of Star Wars at Halloween. While today’s youth or adult cosplayer can choose from a variety of mid-range to museum-grade replica costumes, the fan of the ‘70s was, well, a bit more modestly-equipped. We’ve selected five pieces from our lobby display that serve up both nostalgia for old-school fans and sympathy from younger ones.

Boba Fett Child’s Costume

The first Ben Cooper Boba Fett costume (there were two) holds a special place in the galaxy of Fett collectibles, as it appears to resemble early marketing illustrations for the 1979 Kenner action figure. In fact, the costume itself seems to show a depiction of the action figure, complete with red rocket firing missile in his backpack. This Fett will cost you far less than the action figure, though — these can still be found complete in the box for around $20.

Take the link to see all five vintage Star Wars collectibles.

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