Following on from our review of 2007, what can we expect from 2008?  We know for sure that The Force Unleashed will be with us in the Spring followed by the new CGI animated Clone Wars series in the Autumn but we still don’t know if the latter will see a theatrical release or go straight to TV (expect to hear more around the same time as Toy Fair).

Hasbro have already showed us some of their cards for 2008 with the promise of approximately 53 single carded basic figures, another wave of the Fan’s Choice Legends figures, the return of Evolutions and the Clone Wars line in the second half of the year.  We also know that there will be more Comic Packs, Battle Packs and some exclusives too.  We’ll have to wait until Toy Fair to see exactly what else they have up their sleeves but I have it on good authority that we won’t be disappointed – expect to see some new additions to their range of products too.

LEGO had a stellar year in 2007 and are following it up with lots more product for 2008.  Some of the 2008 sets are already hitting and we’ve also seen prototype boxes for three of the Clone Wars products too.  The leaked lists reveal a much anticipated new Gunship, a new Death Star model (could this be a playset) and a General Grievous bust too.  I’m also wondering if we’ll see anything as big as last year’s Millennium Falcon…?

Gentle Giant had a few things to learn from last year – less exclusives please! They’ve listened and there should be far fewer exclusives in 2008. Some of the new products for next year are already available for pre-order on the Gentle Giant website and there should be lots more new products announced over the next few weeks.  For those of you who pre-ordered the R2-D2 statue, let’s hope that all our promises are fulfilled in 2008.  We’d also like to see a few more statues added to the fantastic Jabba diorama that came out last year – Slave Leia and Luke as Jedi Knight please?  The leaked shots of the Yoda statue look good and let’s hope this also gets delivered.  At least members of the Premium Guild know what to expect for next year too!

Sideshow had a great 2007 and things look set to continue in 2008 with the arrival of life-size replicas of R2-D2 and C-3PO.  The 12″ range continues to grow and here’s hoping for some Clones or Stormtroopers, Vader and Chewie to be added to the line very soon please.  The ¼ Premium scale statues are also back with Anakin for Episode III being the first in the line to be released.  It will also be interesting to see if anything more comes of the talks that Hasbro had with Sideshow with regards play sets – we’ll be watching that one closely.

Well, there’s no new Master Replica products in 2008 except for the products still left to ship – a couple of buckets, Luke and Mara Jade lightsabers.  By the end of March Master Replicas will be at one with the Force and there’ll be no more, but who will take over this license?  We expect an announcement from Lucasfilm in the next few weeks.  It will be interesting to see if the new licensee takes over from where Master Replicas left off or if they’ll go back and make some of the older props too; time will tell.

ID-WALL continues to expand their collections, having recently released series 4 of their popular art series.

We can expect the Family Guy Blue Harvest Episode on DVD in late January and little is known of any other DVD releases in 2008.  We’re all waiting for the definitive 6 film box set but will it be released in 2008 or will Lucasfilm wait to see which format wins the HD DVD war?

There are lots of books due in 2008 including the novelisation of The Force Unleashed.  It looks as though the current Star Wars book publisher will pass its license on to a new holder too and rumours suggest a Star Wars book penned by Carrie Fisher in Q4.

The usual raft of UK shows continues starting with a return to the Grundy Park Leisure Centre at the end of January being put on by Fantasy Events.  The Memorabilia show will have just two outings this year in March and November at the NEC.  Showmasters return with a slew of events across the country including Collectormania in Milton Keynes, Manchester, the Midlands and Glasgow.  The London Film and Comic Con returns to Earls Court in the first weekend of May followed by the Empire Weekend in October.

  • Cheshunt Sci-Fi, Toy, Comic, TV & Film Collectors Fair– 27th January, Grundy Park Leisure Centre
  • Collectormania – 1st to 2nd March, Midlands, Coventry
  • Collectormania – 8th to 9th March, Manchester G-Mex
  • Memorabilia – 29th to 30th March, Birmingham NEC
  • Collectormania – 2nd to 5th May, Milton Keynes
  • London Film and Comic Con – 19th and 20th July, Earls Court, London
  • Collectormania – 23rd to 24th August, Glasgow
  • Collectormania – 25th – 28th September, Milton Keynes
  • Empire Weekend – Friday 17th to Sunday 19th October
  • Memorabilia – 22nd to 23rd November, Birmingham NEC

2008 is shaping up to be a great year with new Star Wars stories to share and play, new licences will enter the mix and we’ll be seeing Star Wars hitting the small screen on a weekly basis in our homes – what more could we ask for?  Discuss this and more in our forums…