$10,000 Reward!


Many vintage facebook groups exploded last week upon seeing this banner from Rocket Firing Fett collector and historian Brian Rachfal


A $10,000 reward for information which leads to the purchase of the kit bashed Boba Fett as featured on most Star Wars 20bk carded figures and other Kenner photography.  For more information on the kit bashed Boba Fett check out my previous article and theswca.

So, just to clarify if you know of the whereabouts of this elusive piece of history then contact Brian at info@rachfalenterprises.com and you will receive $10,000 if it leads to a purchase!

At first glance this looks insane and many collectors have commented upon this with statements such as, ‘no piece of plastic is worth that much’.  However, when we see common carded figures selling for several thousands of pounds, and with what this figure actually represents, then perhaps this is the most significant piece of the puzzle yet to be found?  How can a value be placed on what is likely to be a one-off item that has never been seen for over 30 years?

Brian’s history with the Rocket Firing Fett goes back many years.  He has been integral with the documentation of these items and helped the community understand L slot, J slot and the overall stages of the production.  The Kit Bashed Fett has many unanswered questions for Brian and he is perfectly placed to help the community answer questions such as, was only one of these ever made?  How was it adapted through its use for cardbacks, promotional photographs and displays?


Wherever the location of this piece, the hunt is clearly on.  Was it lost to landfill?  Is it with a collector who does not wish it to be known?  Or, is it still in the hands of a former Kenner employees’ family?  We can only hope that where it is, it is safe and protected.

Photos © Brian Rachfal, theswca.com