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Team ‘A New Hope’ Complete Cardiff 5km Race for Life

Vok’chi Clan Ver’alor, Tak’ur from the Mandalorian Mercs and and his Wookiee friend Kiranta from the Rebel Legion UK, succesfully completed the Cardiff 5km Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK last weekend.

Happy Independence Day America!

Team Jedi News wish all our American friends and readers a very Happy 4th July!

Best Places to Visit in London During Vacations (non-Star Wars)

We list some unusual places to visit in London, the capital of Britain (non-Star Wars).

Toys ‘R’ Us to Reopen Some US Stores in 2019

Toys 'R' Us are set to open six stores in the USA before the end of 2019.

Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society Raises Over $10,000 For Charity

Congratulations to the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS) who raised over $10,000 at Star Wars Celebration Chicago for two charities.

In Memoriam: Team Jedi News Pay Tribute to Peter Mayhew

Mark Alder's leads the tributes from Team Jedi News to Peter Mayhew, aka Chewbacca.

Vote For Star Wars In 2019 Webby Awards!

Vote for Star Wars & StarWars.com in the prestigious Webby Awards -- punch it!

Most Romantic Star Wars Couples – Orginal Trilogy & Legends

For all of the Star Wars fans out there, in today’s article, we will talk about the most romantic Star Wars couples that we know of (in the OT & Legends).

Cameron Receives Star Wars BB-8 Bionic Arm Covers and Mark Hamill Message Too

Cameron receives his new Star Wars BB-8 themed Bionic Arm from Open Bionics and a message from Mark Hamill too!

Play Star Wars Games On Your Commute

Play Star Wars slot games on your mobile device.

Will Star Wars: Rise of the Resitance Be The Most Ambitious Attraction Ever?

Forbes compares Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody; in that Disney have ditched a three minute ride for a magnum opus!

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant at Oscar Nominees Lunch

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant attended the Oscar nominees lunch in LA yesterday.

Christmas Sales for The Entertainer Surge 22.4 Per Cent

The Entertainer has revealed a surge in profits over the Christmas period in the UK.

The Entertainer Doubles Containers into the UK Ahead of Brexit Deadline

The Entertainer has doubled the amount of containers it usually brings into the UK to ensure they have plenty of stock after Brexit.

WAAN Combat Lightsabers Previewed At CES 2019 In Las Vegas

French company Solaari are previewing their WAAN combat lightsaber at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and it's impressive, most impressive!

2019 Is Here – Are You Ready For The Bonanza?

It will be a year long remembered.

Star Wars: Best of 2018

The writers over at the official site at StarWars.com discuss the year's biggest releases and moments.

Dave Filoni Sketch of Ahsoka Tano as Holiday Tree Topper

Traditional tree toppers need not apply.

Team Jedi News Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

Have a very Merry Christmas from Team Jedi News!

The StarWars.com Team Posts Their Best of 2018

2019 is gonna be EPIC, but this past year was no slouch for Star Wars fans either.

New Star Wars Kitchenware From W&P Design

As they say on their website - "master the galaxy in your own home kitchen."

Adam Driver: “I’m not touching that one!”

While attending the Gotham Independent Film Awards, Adam Driver was asked about Episode IX.

StarWars.com Turns 22 Years Old Today

22 years and as strong as ever.

2018 Star Wars Thanksgiving Diorama From Artist Stephen Hayford

Hayford works his magic again on turkey day.

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Happy Thanksgiving America!

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