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Sphero Rolls Back To Focus On Education & Cuts Jobs

Sphero was forced to lay off 45 staff members across the globe, and change their focus towards its growing educational business.

Program BB-9E From Sphero In One Of 3 Ways

There are now 3 ways you can program the First Order's BB-9E by Sphero with the new Sphero Edu app available to download now.

Wacky ‘Star Wars’ Memorabilia: Why Difference Is The Key To Unlocking Real Value

If you’re a canny collector or just someone looking for Star Wars with a twist, there are plenty of slightly offbeat options out there.

Kathleen Kennedy & Natalie Portman Join Oprah Winfrey To Discuss “Time’s Up”

Oprah Winfrey took stock on CBS News Sunday Morning show yesterday talking about the Time's Up campaign with guests including Kathleen Kennedy & Natalie Portman.

Toys ‘R’ Us Seeks Bankruptcy Extension In USA

 Toys 'R' Us in the USA has filed a motion with the Bankruptcy Court there to extend the 16th April deadline for reviewing its non-residential property leases.

Charity Auction To Meet Mark Hamill In CA On March 1st 2018

Bid on a chance to meet Mark Hamill at the Oscar Wilde Awards on March 1 in CA.

Disney Adds Two New Faces To Board

Tech execs Safra Catz and Francis A. deSouza join Disney's board of directors.

2017 – A Year In Review: Part 2

A look back at the second half of 2017.

Team Jedi News Wishes You Happy New Year!

Team Jedi News Wishes You Happy New Year!

2017 – A Year In Review: Part 1

A look back at the first half of 2017.

‘StarWars.com’ Look At Best Of 2017

The writers of StarWars.com look back on the highlights of a major Star Wars year.

Team Jedi News Wishes You Seasons Greetings!

Team Jedi News Wishes You Seasons Greetings!

Life-Size Darth Vader Made From Motorcycle Parts & Scrap Metal

You've never seen a Vader quite like this.

Fight Cancer With ‘Star Wars’

Help persuade Disney & Lucasfilm to make The Last Jedi streamable for all the kids stuck in the hospital this holiday season.

From McQuarrie To Chiang: 40 Years Of Lucasfilm ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Cards

Cards from holidays past, reviewed from the last 40 years at StarWars.com.

On Chanukah & ‘Star Wars’

In many ways, the parallels between the Star Wars saga and the Chanukah story are striking; read on to find out why.

Toys ‘R’ Us UK Faces Administration As Pension Fund Blocks Rescue

Earlier today, Toys 'R' Us UK held crisis talks with the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), which is holding out for a £9m payment to approve a plan designed to save the retailer.

Happy Birthday Rian Johnson!

Happy 44th birthday Rian!

‘The Star Wars’ Concept Trailer

have you ever thought what a trailer could have looked like if Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art had been followed exactly, and brought to life?

‘Jedi Mania’ Hits UK With Epic Lightsaber Duel

Lightsaber combat is a growing sport with clubs for children and adults now popping up across the UK.

Happy Chanukah 5778/2017

Enjoy the festival of light this holiday season.

‘The Galaxy Britain Built: Droids, Darth Vader And Lightsabers’

Presenter and Star Wars fan David Whiteley uncovers some never-before-heard stories from the geniuses who helped build the galaxy.

Iger To Extend Term After Disney/Fox Deal?

Will Bog Iger stay on at Disney beyond July 2019 to oversee the acquisition of the Fox assets, and the release of Episode IX?

Fans Remake ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Low Budget Style

Bryan Harley and a team of friends have painstakingly recreated the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on a low budget.

Vinyl Cape Jawa Stolen – Your Help is Needed!

PSA: Help Simon Wright find his Vinyl Cape Jawa, stolen during shipping between Australia and the UK.

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