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Official Site: Program Your Valentine’s Day With ‘Star Wars’

Amy Ratcliffe looks at love in the galaxy far, far away over at the Official Site.

On The Shelves UK: Amazing Bargains At Poundland

Bargains abound at Poundland.

Official Site: Fully Operational Fandom: Fans Get Decked Out For ‘Star Wars’ Day At...

Amy Ratcliffe looks back at her time on the recent Disney Cruise over at the Official Site as she looks at cosplay on the ocean...

Coffee With Kenobi: Chewbacca And The Life Debt

Over at Coffee With Kenobi, Dennis Keithly looks at Chewbacca and the meaning of the infamous wookiee life debt. The untimely passing of Carrie Fisher causes...

How Much For A Piece Of Plastic?

It may just be a 'lump of plastic' to you, but to us it's a treasure

Guest Article: Canon Or Non Canon

With the canon change now years behind us, Steve Galloway looks at what remains

Death Star Cinema Room

If we only all had this kind of space, money and vision, we'd be spending our lives enjoying the saga and standalone's in amazing...

To Commemorate Those We Lost Last Year

Nick Diak brings us this poignant piece commemorating the lost stars of 2016

GOLiverse Marathon for Charity All Day Tomorrow 1/21/17

The GOLiverse) teams up with CURE for the third year in a row by hosting a podcast marathon to raise money to help fight and cure childhood cancer

Army Moves One Step Closer To A Speeder Bike

We would all love the chance to fly across the forest moon on Endor on a speeder bike, right? Well thanks to the fine folk at the United States Army Research Laboratory that possibility has moved one step closer. Or at least the speederbike part...

Relive The Summer Of ’77

Do you remember where you were when you first saw Star Wars?  The summer of '77 holds many special memories for fans of a...

Official Site: The Playlist: A Guide To Order 66 And The End Of The...

The Playlist returns with a look at Order 66 and the end of the Jedi

Five Reasons Qui-Gon Jinn Is One Of The Best ‘Star Wars’ Characters

Reason why Qui-Gon rocked

Win Cast Signed ‘Rogue One’: A ‘Star Wars’ T-Shirt With UNIQLO

Win a t-shirt signed by the cast of Rogue One

Forcing It, Punching It (Time Cards)

The destruction of the Death Star saw the loss of thousands of staff. These are their stories

New ‘Star Wars’ 2017 Valentine’s Day Items At Target

No better way to express your love this Valentine's Day than with some new Star Wars themed items.

Forcing It, There Is No Try

The Death Star went boom, and so everyone on it

Art Tribute To Carrie Fisher On Southend Sea Front

Southend sea front now has its own memorial to the princess

Forcing It, Sithbert

The latest Forcing It, as we look at the crew of the Death Star

The Metro: Was Steve Martin So Wrong To Mention Carrie Fisher’s Looks?

Steve Martin walked into a controversy with his tweet on Carrie Fishers passing

A Heart Warming ‘Star Wars’-Themed Adoption Ceremony

Christmas is a great time for a feel good story, and this one tops many. A 4 year old from Delaware was formally adopted on Friday, and her new mum organised a Star Wars themed adoption ceremony for the little Star Wars fan.

Scratch-Built Death Star Makes Us Big Kids Drool

If only Santa's sack was big enough

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Team Jedi News

Happy Chanukkah!

Droidel, droidel, droidel....

Breaking News: Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack On Flight To LA

Carrie Fisher suffers a major heart attack on flight to LA

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