Competition – Lockdown Colouring

We have four copies of the Star Wars: The Secrets of the Jedi by Marc Sumarek to give away courtesy of Insight Editions in our droid colouring competition.

General Mills Releasing The Child Cereal and Fruit Roll-Ups

Look for these new food items featuring The Child later this year.

John Boyega Breaks Down What Post-Star Wars Life Has Been Like

It was almost five months ago that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brought the Skywalker saga to an end and with it a six year journey for some of the actors including John Boyega.

Even More Lockdown Lessons for Your Padawans

Lockdown is a stressful time for us all, but we need to keep our Padawan's engaged and continuing to learn.

Closer Look at Arcade 1Up’s Home Arcade Cabinet, Reduced to $50 share the top top five reason's why the Star Wars Home Arcade Game from Arcade 1Up would be perfect addition to your family or games room -- get it reduced at Walmart for just $50!

More Lockdown Lessons for Your Padawans

Lockdown is a stressful time for us all, but we need to keep our Padawan's engaged and continuing to learn.

A Guide to Choosing Generators and Compactors While on a Budget

It's always tough to buy necessary equipment when you're on a tight budget. But with the right mindset, patience, and proper research, you can manage to get whatever you need at affordable prices.

Bob Iger Appointed to California COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force

Bob Iger has been appointed to the California COVID-19 business recovery task force, and Thomas Mazloum (Senior Vice President of Walt Disney World Resort) has been appointed to the equivalent group in Florida.

Lockdown Lessons for Your Padawan’s

Lockdown is a stressful time for us all, but we need to keep our Padawan's engaged and continuing to learn.

Toy Fair NY 2020: Hasbro Pulse Entertainment Brand Preview Event Livestream

Hasbro will be live streaming the Hasbro Pulse Entertainment Brand Preview Event on Saturday, February 22nd at 1:30pm EST (10:30am PST and 6:30pm GMT).

How to Make a Clone Wars Themed Gift for Your Valentine

Are you struggling with what to get your Star Wars valentine this February 14th? Look no further!

The Child Wall Mural Made From Over 1,000 Post-it Notes

The Force is with Viking staff.

The Ben Solo Challenge Goes Viral [Contains TRoS SPOILERS]

The Ben Solo Challenge has hit Twitter and has gone viral. Please proceed with caution as this article contains SPOILERS from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Team Jedi News Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Team Jedi News!

Billie Lourd Raps in New Old Navy Holiday Wrapping Commercial

Shop Jingle Jammies for the family!

More on Coca-Cola Singapore The Rise of Skywalker OLED Light-Up Bottles

These bottles are just flat-out awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Happy Thanksgiving America!

New Star Wars Instant Pot Pressure Cookers Available at Williams Sonoma

Whip up some delicious Force-filled meals in no time.

The Mandalorian: Werner Herzog Hails Disney+ Series As Cinema Back At Its Best

Werner Herzog, the esteemed director of Fitzcarraldo, Grizzly Man, and Aguirre, the Wrath of God, hailed The Mandalorian as “cinema back at its best” and praised its primary creator, executive producer Jon Favreau, as a force to be reckoned with in filmmaking.

Order Black Series Skywalker Strikes Luke Skywalker Convention Exclusive at Entertainment Earth

The European Convention Exclusive Black Series 6 inch Skywalker Strikes Luke Skywalker is available to order at Entertainment Earth for $34.99.

Halloween Legends Review: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber

Continuing our Halloween 2019 take over, Jammies has dusted off his copy of the suitably named Legends book Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber and has reviewed it for you all!

Halloween and Star Wars

Mark Alders looks at Star Wars at it's influences on Halloween in TV and film.

Halloween 1984: Trick or Treat?

Matt 'Jammies' Springer takes us back to his childhood memories of Trick or Treat dressed as See-Threepio.

Create Your Own Star Wars Jack-O’-Lantern

Are you thinking of carving your own Star Wars themed pumpkin this Halloween? We have the templates you’re looking for!

Halloween Take Over

It’s official, Halloween has started, and we have decided to bring you something a little different this year.

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