Preview Dark Horse Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #1

Can't wait till May 21 to get your Darth Maul fix with Issue #1 of the new Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic...

Available today from Dark Horse Comics

Legacy's epilogue continues in this week's first new release, and Dark Horse return to the mini-series format of the past in Darth...

Jedi News Review: The Official Star Wars Fact File Issue 5

Fact Files issue 5 is reviewed

Official Site: Star Wars Insider #165: 10 Highlights!

Issue 165 of the always essential Star Wars Insider lands, bringing wookiees, top 50 lists and much more to readers...

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Interview With J.W. Rinzler

Check out this interview with author J.W. Rinzler conducted by Jawa James at Club Jade in which he speaks about his upcoming The...

The Bearded Trio Book Review: Star Wars FAQ

Via our great pals over at the ever-awesome The Bearded Trio here's Lisa Dullard's review of Star Wars FAQ: Everything Left to...

Dark Horse: Star Wars Comics To Return to Marvel After 29 Year Break?

Could it be that after 29 years and a rebuff in 1990 that steered the franchise to it's current home...

Del Rey: Winner Lose All Out Today

Timothy Zahn's 65 page eBook Winner Lose All is released today, so why are you reading this - go out...

Book Review: The Totally Gnarly, Way Bogus Murder of Muffy McGregor

High school is out for the summer of 1986. Unfortunately, mega-popular cheerleader Muffy McGregor won't live to see the fall. While...

Ashley Eckstein Narrating Young Adult Ahsoka Audiobook

Ahsoka herself will be narrating the audio book for Ahsoka...

Two Previously Unknown Han Solo #1 Variants Surface

Two new Han Solo #1 variants have been unearthed from Sara Pichelli and Pepe Larraz.

Star Wars Bookworms #26: Drew Karpyshyn Interview

Join Teresa and Aaron for the latest episode of Star Wars Bookworms. Aaron propped his feet up and let Teresa...

Official Site: Star Wars In The UK: Star Wars Weekly

My latest article arrives over at as I take a look at the very first UK Star Wars comic....

Final Cover Art For Star Wars: Ahsoka Young Adult Novel Revealed

The final artwork is revealed for the forthcoming Ahsoka novel

Star Wars Art: Ralph Mcquarrie: Available For Pre-Order

Amazon are showing a new trio of books in a beautiful slipcase focusing on the inspirational artwork of Ralph McQuarrie that arrives...

Star Wars Bookworms #32: Solo’s Gamble

Join Teresa and Aaron for the latest episode of Star Wars Bookworms. After travels to Dragon Con and some great...

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1 Brings the Hit Character to Comic Shops in December!

The doctor will soon be in - Doctor Aphra arrives 7th December

Carrie Fisher Signing Sunday 11th December At Waterstones Piccadilly

Carrie Fisher is hitting the

Legends Library: Allegiance

Flick across to Legends Library

Official Site: Katie Cook On Teaching Numbers In ‘Obi-123’

James Floyd talks to Katie Cook about her new book Obi-123.

John Knoll On ‘Rogue One’s Visual Effects: Part 2

John Knoll discussed the CG vehicle models from Rogue One with American Cinematographer.

Comics Review: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windi #2

Comics Review: Mace Windu #2 (2017)

Jedi News Comic Review: Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 7

"Explosive action, white-hot lightsaber battles, evil schemes, and heroic sacrifices-it's all here in this fast-paced volume jam-packed with four wickedly awesome all-ages adventures set in the most exciting era of Star Wars! The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, the Republic and Confederacy taking their fight from the cold reaches of space to exotic alien worlds. Don't miss the Jedi make history in their selfless fight for justice in this full-throttle collection of stories all told in the same stripped-down stylization as Cartoon Network's micro-series."

Star Wars Celebration VI: Dark Horse Comics Looks Ahead: 2013 Panel

Time to get stuck into some panels at Celebration VI, and we kick off with the Dark Horse Comics Looks...

BB-8 Gets A Shakespearean Makeover For ‘The Force Doth Awaken’ Cover

Ian Doescher’s Star Wars Shakespearean style adaptations have been a breakout success in Star Wars lit. Part of the beauty of the publications have been the stunning illustrated covers, which reveals for 'The Force Doth Awaken'
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